Transnational meeting in Reggio Emilia

Transnational meeting in Reggio Emilia

Two teachers from Santa Ana de Cuenca School had a meeting in Italy with other teachers from Italy, Portugal, Estonia and Greece, to carry out the first Transnational Meeting of the Euroknitters project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program.


Coordinators from the 5 European schools located in Cuenca (Spain), Oporto (Portugal), Tallinn (Estonia), Athens (Greece) and Reggio Emilia (Italy), the city where this first coordination meeting is being held for the correct development and start-up of the project have inaugurated the project in Italy and the meeting was about its initial coordination. They have set dates, methodologies, materials, and other didactic, pedagogical and logistical aspects that are necessary for its proper development. Plans and action protocols have been signed to ensure maximum use of the resources obtained and achieve the greatest impact in the different educational communities.

They have also elected the logo of the project:

Trabalhar and cooperare juntos to ühendama Εὐρώπη.

Work and cooperate together to unite Europe.

Radio interviews to the spanish teachers:

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Italian press:


And some photos:

Santa Ana

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