Euroknitters in Greece

Euroknitters in Greece

Special programme about Greece.


Interview on the radio


Day 5 in Athens!!!!
Oh no! Yesterday it was the last day in Greece!! And we finished our programme successfully.
In the morning we were in the school. We prepared the performance. We had our last rehearsals we dressed up, made up and we recorded the official video of the greek scene

Then we did the performance!! It was very great and everybody congratulated the euroknitters for their big effort. You can see the video in our TV channel.

In the afternoon the greek partners prepared a great greek night at school!!!!!! We tasted greek traditional food, we danced REALLY A LOT, we listened to live greek music and we enjoyed so much!!!!!!

Thank you greek for your warm hosting and your deep patient.

You are great!!!!

“THE TAPESTRY” act one (Greece)


Hello from Athens!!!!! We already has passed the 4th day in this beautiful place.
Yesterday we did many cultural activities because in Athens there is a cultural centre with modern equipment and more than 1 kilometres of books!!!!! Wow!

We were very excited with this visit and we made the most of the reality of being there. We saw a ballet!!!!!! Incredible!!!! Exciting!!!! From the national ballet of Greece.

After that, our students had some workshops related to greek myths. They did some sculptures, sang and danced.

While that, the teachers were very lucky to have a seminar about Portfolio given by the doctor Kosmas. The information was very interesting and the explanations gave us a lot of ideas about our future portfolio.

During the evening we had a typical greek night in a traditional tavern with parents, teachers and students. It was very fun!!!!!


Our 3th day in Greece Euroknitters!!!! Wow time is passing too fast.

Today the rainy weather forecast turned into a sunny bright day in the Peloponeso.

We have travelled to the South of Greece to discover many different details about this charming country. 
The first stop were in the Corinth Channel to then visit an orthodox church. The guide gave us very interesting explanations about out different religions and we have learnt a lot.
Then we continue to Epidauro’s Theatre where we have lived the amazing experience of stamping on one of the most preserved and relevant theatres of the greek ancient culture.
We have finished the day in Naflion. Ancient capital of Greece with its castle in the water and its cosy and narrow streets.

A perfect athmosphere to work on our project, broadcast our TV channel, learn and practise some Greek and keep experiences and moment in our pocket.

Wonderful day, awesome country.



Today the day has been very “cultural” “historical” and “pintoresque”.

In the morning we have had an excellent guided tour round the Acropolis. We have learnt a lot about Ancient Greece with the explanations of the tourist guide. She was so perfect that every student understood almost everything and we were all listening very impatient to find out all the details about the Acropolis, Partenon, Atenea Nike, Erecteion and Atenea, the god that protected the city of Atenas (Atenas-Atenea).
After the nice walk there, we visited the Acropolis Museum to explore all the details about the real acropolis and its real reproductions of acropolis.
In the afternoon we have been immersed in an ancient Greek school. We learnt how to read and read in Greek as well as the alphabet and other important information. The workshop in this school was very interesting and we realised that we are not so different.
Then a delicious Greek dinner was waiting for us in a cosy and charming restaurant in the city centre. The atmosphere was incredible and the weather too!!!!!! The whole day without jacket in February is an luxury for all of us.

This is a very short summary but it is very late and we need going to bed. Good night Euroknitters!!!!!!!!!


Today it has been a very prosperous day in Athens.
In the early morning we had a very warm welcome from the Greek students. They sang in the 4 languages!!!!!!!!!! We are very impressed.
Then they prepared a wonderful tour around school combined with the tasting of homemade Greek snacks well prepared by teachers and parents.
After that we visited the mayor of Athens and he gave us as a present a medal with the symbol of greek democracy.
Then we started our Tapestry rehearsal and we had a wonderful dinner at a traditional Greek tavern.

What a wonderful day!!!! For more information… Stay tuned to our Euroknitters TV channel.

Here you have some pictures.



Today it has been our first day in Athens (Greece). We have had a very warm welcome from our Greek partners. Everybody has long journeys to get the destiny but the effort was worthy. We enjoyed a delicious dinner with teachers, families and students and right now everyone is absorbing energy from the bright moonlight of Athens. Good night Euroknitters. See you tomorrow and continue with our adventure!!!!!!

Santa Ana

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